Imagine that you are a caveman. Imagine that you have been off hunting lions, tigers, and bears (oh my). You come back home following a good hunt and suddenly the rainy season comes on you. All your hiking, clubbing, and man bonding time has been lost. You now sit inside your cave. You stare at the cave wall. You experiment with cave drawings. You yell at your cave children. Sound familiar?

The problem of what to do on a rainy day is long standing. Our ancestors had to get frustrated enough with sitting around inside their caves, that it would cause them to go out and hunt even in the rain. Now as modern human beings with our cars, TV, iPads, door to door food service and incredibly comfortable chairs, we find ourselves increasingly depressed as we continue to sit inside during the rainy days. We are now able to live months and even years in rainy and snowy environments, but our caveman brain is going stir crazy. So what’s the solution?

The solution: Think like a caveman! It’s time to go out hunting! (those lions never saw it coming) Even when it’s rainy / snowy, try to get out of the house. Go to the gym. Go to your favorite coffee shop. Take a walk around the block (did you know you are waterproof?). Go to a friend’s house. Find a place where you can stay dry and take pictures of the falling rain (post on facebook to prove that you got out of the house!).

p.s. Sometimes you may still feel sad that it is rainy outside. Remember that it will pass. One of the most powerful thought processes that individuals can have is to remember that the pain they are experiencing is only temporary.