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Has your relationship grown stale? Have you found that you and your partner have begun to struggle with communication? Do you want to improve your relationship and feel that an objective listener could help?

Couples therapy through Cultivation Counseling can help. At Cultivation Counseling our couples therapy focuses on a growth model. Relationships grow and change over time, there are times in that growth period that need more tending and care than others. Often times individuals may look at a stagnant time in their relationship as a time to end the relationship. At Cultivation Counseling it is our belief that these stagnant or difficult times in a relationship require additional attention to foster growth in the relationship. Our approach begins with improved communication, as the couple begins to improve communication patterns then other core areas of the relationshp can be addressed. Core areas addressed in couples counseling include passion, intimacy, and commitment.

Contact Cultivation Counseling today to see if couples counseling is right for you. The process starts with a free initial consultation to address concerns and review counseling options.