This recent article posted on PsychCentral reports a recent study regarding the benefits of exercise on reducing stress in children. The article reports that “children have surges of cortisol — a hormone linked to stress — when they are exposed to everyday stressors”. However, The article goes on to state that the children with the highest levels of physical activity did not have the same cortisol release as children with lower levels of physical activity. The indication is that children who are exercising more have lower release of stress hormone when presented with stressful events in their day to day life.


The take home message for this article is that the benefit of exercise is not only physical but also psychological. This article presents information that as a child’s exercise level increases his or her level of stress decreases. Understanding the biological implications of our stress helps us understand the need for psychological solutions. In the example of stress, the feeling of stress leads to increased cortisol (stress hormone) release. The increased levels of cortisol has been linked to heart problems, depression, digestive problems, obesity, and memory problems. Therefore, stress can directly impact  not only one’s mood but also physical well being.  This article suggests a solution for children, and that solution is exercise! Getting children out and moving their bodies can have benefits that go beyond the typically understood physical benefits. 

Is your child stressed? Then get your child out exercising today!