Have you had your dose of New Experience today?

Are you planning on doing the exact same things today that you do every other day?

Humans are creatures of habits, but these habits which initially served us can become cumbersome and anxiety producing over time. Humans need not only habit, but also a good dosage of New Experience. New Experiences give us benefits such as improved mood, and improved thinking ability. We literally grow new connections in our brain through the process of exposing our self to New Experiences. New Experiences are absolutely necessary for growth.

So what counts as a New Experience? Do I have to move to Africa to do this? Will I be frightened?

A New Experience does not have to be drastic, it just has to be a change from our old pattern, and no you don’t have move anywhere to experience this. Honestly, change can be scary. If even small changes frighten you, then it is especially necessary for you to start trying New Experiences. Here are some examples of New Experiences you can have today:

– Think a new thought. Specifically think a healthy thought at a time when you would have thought an unhealthy thought.

– Walk to work a route that you have never walked before

– Change up your work schedule or routine

– Listen to new music

– Don’t go to facebook. Go to Livestrong.com and read health tips instead.

– Wear a tie (or don’t – whichever is a change for you)

– Brush your teeth with your left hand

– Shower with your eyes closed

– Sit in a different chair(at home, school, or work)

– Stand while you work

– Do 100 jumping jacks during your lunch break

There could be millions of items in this list, but the point of this article is to challenge you to try to do anything different today. As you begin to do one new thing, you will find that other new things follow.  Have a New Experience today!