Health Counseling




Cultivation Counseling provides Coeur d’Alene Counseling services and Coeur d’Alene Life Coaching services that address a wide range of physical health concerns. The Cultivation Counseling philosophy on health issues, is that not all problems have to be chronic or life threatening to be addressed. Often times our “problems” or “growth areas” are more subtle. If you want to change your health, why not start today?

Do any of the following items apply to you:

  • Do you noticed that you have become increasingly tired?
  • Do you get fatigued quickly when you exercise?
  • Do you eat an unhealthy diet?
  • Do you eat more “fast” food than “slow” food?
  • Do you exercise only¬†sporadically?
  • Are you unhappy with your physical “shape”?
  • Are you looking to improve your strength, endurance, or overall fitness?
  • Do you want to feel and look more youthful?
  • Would you like to work towards a specific health goal? Perhaps a 5k, 10k, Marathon, or Ironman?
  • Are you seeking information on how to eat, exercise, and live in a healthy manner?
  • Are you fighting a specific health concern and need additional assistance to change your long established patterns?
  • Do you have chronic health problems and need counseling to help address the emotional component of these problems?

Cultivation Counseling provides life coaching and counseling services to address a wide range of health goals. We have counselors who are trained in combining fitness, nutrition, and wellness into their counseling approach. We also have life coaching professionals who can help in specific areas such as developing nutritional plans, fitness plans, and wellness plans. Our life coaching team develops plans to ensure you reach your goals in a way that is maintainable, sustainable, and motivating.

Cultivation Counseling realizes that all change is difficult, but we believe that individuals have unlimited potential to grow and change. Improving your physical, mental, and emotional health can have benefits in all areas of your life. Making these difficult changes with a caring, supportive, and experienced team can make the process not only successful but enjoyable!