Is food stressing you out?

Certain foods linked to increased stress levels.

Almost everyone experiences a certain degree of stress in life. Whether you are trying to find a job, dealing with a screaming toddler during a grocery store melt-down, or picking out the perfect outfit for a first date, stress inadvertently creeps into our lives. But did you know that what you eat, and how you eat, may be contributing to your stress?

A recent study indicates a link between certain foods and increased levels of stress. Some of the stress inducing culprits include: Salt, caffeine, foods high in preservatives, meat enhanced with hormones, MSG, and sweet, refined foods. Eating habits have also been linked to increased stress levels. Such habits include: Eating too fast, eating too much, and consuming too much liquid during a meal.

Need a quick fix? Try drinking soda water. Soda water has been shown to decrease smooth muscle contractions and dilates the blood vessels, which allows blood to flow easily around the body, decreasing stress levels.
For a more stable reduction in stress levels, try omitting some of the stress inducing culprits and incorporate more fresh vegetables and whole grains into your diet.

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