A new study finds that limiting screen time has a “ripple effect” for kids:

“Douglas Gentile, lead author and an associate professor of psychology at Iowa State University, says the effect is not immediate and that makes it difficult for parents to recognize. As a result, parents may think it is not worth the effort to monitor and limit their children’s media use. But Gentile says they have more power than they realize.”

Our experience at Cultivation Counseling backs up the evidence presented in this study. Limiting screen time tends to have dramatic effects on the way that children behave and families function. Screen time in many families tends to be dramatically more than the American Association of Pediatrics recommendation of 2 hours.  Setting this limit can be difficult. Sometimes working with a facilitator or outside party can help clarify reasons limits are beneficial. Families would benefit from acting sooner rather than later to set limits regarding screen time. Another consideration is putting in other activities that are healthier that include interacting with family members to replace the screen time.

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