Have you ever heard the term “Stop Shoulding on Yourself”? It’s a psychological term coined by Albert Ellis. The concept insists that humans stop attempting to utilize the word SHOULD to get themselves motivated. As the new year begins have you been trying to motivate yourself with the word SHOULD? Have you said something like “I should exercise this year”, “I should eat healthier”, or “I should change”. This should word is highly ineffective to make change, instead simply add in “I am”. “I am going to eat healthier”, “I am going to exercise”, or “I am going to change”. Try using “I am” to make positive change in your life in the new year. Happy 2014!


For more information on “shoulding”. Read Dan Hanks blog on the subject here: http://coeurdalenecounseling.tumblr.com/post/72876622606/stop-shoulding-on-yourself