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Men in the 21st century are facing unique challenges that their fathers and grandfathers did not. Consequently we see men who appear lost, bored, or drifting through life without goals or direction. Fewer men are attending college, choosing to get married, and raise families, or seeking careers. Fewer men report satisfying relationships with other males and feel empty and lonely. The purpose of “Save the Males: the Coeur d ‘Alene Men’s Group”is to help men become aware of these issues and to provide a place for them to interact and connect with, and understand that other men are facing similar challenges.

Men who attend these groups report the following benefits in their lives: 

  • Improving their balance in life

  • Improving their ability to organize and follow through with difficult tasks

  • Improving physical, mental, and emotional health

  • Increasing confidence in themselves

  • Finding direction, passion, vision, and adventure

  • Facing and overcoming fear and indecision

  • Dropping the “nice guy “boring persona that is more concerned with being comfortable and pleasing others

  • Creating meaningful relationships with men and women

  • Finding emotional and sexual fulfillment

When: Mondays at 6pm

Who: Men 21 and older

How Much?: $10 per group

More information? Call Trent Taggart at (208) 699-6817