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Child Therapist

Occupational Therapy & Sensory Processing 

Providing a Full Picture- Telehealth

Our team offers Low and High Complexity assessments for all ages. Additionally, we provide individual therapy, and group therapy for a wide range of sensory processing and modulation, gross motor, fine-motor and visual-motor difficulties.

Low Complexity Assessments include a clinical interview with client, consultation with parent(s) of minors, and an evaluation with the client. We use standardized and non- standardized assessment procedures, along with parent and teacher questionnaires (if applicable) to provide us with information regarding strengths and areas of need. If an assessment has already been completed within one year, and is thorough, we will use the prior information to initiate services and additional assessments can be completed as needed. These assessment measures assist us in developing an appropriate individualized treatment recommendations. Comprehensive assessments can be completed annually.

High Complexity Assessments add focus on cognitive function (attention, memory, reasoning, executive function, problem solving, and / or pragmatic functioning) and compensatory strategies to manage the performance of an activity (managing time or schedules, initiating, organizing, and sequencing tasks). These multi-modal services will be used to develop a treatment plan for the client. A full report will be provided outlining recommended scaffolding to assist the client based on identified needs. Our team will collaborate with the client’s support team to strategize implementation.

Occupational Therapy Sessions are completed in individual and/or a small group setting. Therapy sessions target the specific goals determined by the assessment. Sessions focus on education and self-awareness of their areas of need, meaningful and purposeful intervention strategies and self- initiation and execution of intervention strategies so the client is able to successfully meet identified goals and integrate skills.

Contracted Case Consultation with parents, school districts, multi-disciplinary teams, and legal counsel is available and can be arranged with our Clinical Director Farrell Lindley, MOT, OTR-L.

Although, we are not a provider for any private insurance companies, we will bill insurance to facilitate out-of-network reimbursement. However, it is ultimately the paying party’s responsibility to consult with your insurance company to confirm how many sessions are approved and the percentage that will be reimbursed. We cannot guarantee that any insurance company will reimburse evaluations or therapy sessions, but we will be happy to provide all requested information to help maximize reimbursement.

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