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Medication Management

Available in Hayden, Boise, and by Telehealth

What is Medication Management?

Our board certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners provide personalized mental health care for children, teens, and adults. Our providers meet with you for an initial evaluation to collect information on your current and past mental health concerns, as well as other health conditions, life stressors, and factors that may influence how you are feeling in order to develop their diagnostic assessment. Once a diagnosis is made, our providers work with you to formulate which treatment options are right for you. These treatment options may include non medication approaches. If your provider determines that a prescription medication is necessary to treat your mental health condition, she can prescribe and manage that medication, working in concert with other members of your health care team, such as your therapist, primary care provider, or family members if you provide written consent. You will meet with your medication management provider regularly in order to discuss how the medications are working, how to manage any side effects you may encounter, and how to discontinue the medication when it is no longer needed.

What Do We Do?​

  •  Provide an initial evaluation

  •  Formulate a diagnosis and treatment plan

  •  Prescribe medication if necessary

  • Collaborate with other health care providers

  • Provide regular meetings to discuss how medications are working

  • Focus on improving client's quality of life

What Don't We Do?

  • Work with individuals with severe or mental health needs requiring hospitalizations or frequent crisis services

  •  Provide on-call or 24-hour support

  • Treatment for individuals with primary substance abuse diagnosis

  • Neuropsychological testing

Meet our Medication Management Providers

Amanda Stewart, PMHNP

Boise office & Telehealth

Randy Goleman, PMHNP

Hayden office & Telehealth

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