Emotional Support through COVID-19

In the past couple of months the world has changed quickly. As we all adjust to this new reality, what does it mean for our emotional...

Counseling for Depression

At Cultivation Counseling, we use the leading research shown as the best type of therapeutic treatment for depression.

Family Counseling

Our approach to family counseling generally includes one or multiple members of a family.

Career Counseling

This type of counseling can be very helpful to those who have yet to have chosen a career, who are unhappy in their professional field.

Meeting Your Health Goals

Cultivation Counseling provides services in Coeur d’Alene Life, Idaho that address a wide range of physical health concerns.

Counseling for Anxiety

Everyone on earth will feel anxious from time to time. Anxiety truly becomes a problem when it begins to interfere with our life

Counseling for Autism

Counseling may benefit an individual struggling with Asperger’s to make significant changes in his or her life. Cultivation Counseling speci

ADHD Intervention

Cultivation Counseling specializes in counseling services to individuals with ADHD and has seen individuals make significant improvements as