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Emotional Support through COVID-19

In the past couple of months the world has changed quickly. As we all adjust to this new reality, what does it mean for our emotional health?

Reports have indicated increased rates of depression and anxiety, but even more troubling increased alcohol consumption and domestic violence. As we sit at home, spending more time in front of our screens, and feeling stuck inside our house, we need to intentionally focus on our emotional health.

My own experience has been increased screen time and decreased physical activity. This is a troubling combination for me. I have found myself deeply missing my normal dose of human connection. My solution has been to add two intentional walks per day and add one meaningful zoom call either with a friend, mentor, or professional counselor. These are my strategies to increase my emotional wellness and it works "ok", but it isn't the same. Sometimes "ok" is all we can reach, and that's something that I'm still working to accept.

At Cultivation Counseling, we stand ready to help you have a therapeutic counseling option. Someone to talk to that is objective and professional. Someone who can truly hear you and empathize. In this important time, don't neglect your emotional health, professional emotional supports can make a difference. We're open in person with significant safety precautions, and we're open for telehealth counseling.

If you need someone to talk to, we're here. because taking care of your emotional health is always essential.

~ Dan

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