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Career Counseling

With Career & Life Counseling, we seek to help people objectively examine their lives, desires, interests, styles of communication, and their abilities to determine and enter the job or life style that best suits them. This type of counseling can be very helpful to those who have yet to have chosen a career, who are unhappy with the professional field they are in, or seek to make a significant change to their current life. We explore the individual’s history and behaviors to help understand how they came to the place they are at today, what motivates them, and what they desire for their future.

We work with a myriad of different clients, at different point in their life:

  • Teens or young adults seeking a better understanding of themselves, and their goals in life

  • People who are in the midst of a major life transition. Weather it be coping with the loss of employment or gain of a new career, marriage and divorce or the wide spectrum of family crisis we experience in the course of our life.

  • People who find themselves unhappy in their current career, or that feel they would like to make a significant change to the way that they live.

We strongly take into consideration how our chosen career affects the whole of the individual, our family and our health. Gaining an understanding of the client’s peer and familial pressures, we seek to build trust and understanding, that then will be re-focused in developing new skills, awareness and interests.

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