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Mindy Thacker

Therapist Intern

Mindy received her Bachelor's degree in Communications from Washington State University and is currently pursuing her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Lesley University, specializing in Dance/Movement Therapy within the Expressive Therapies Department. Since 2009, she has been teaching meditation, movement, and mindfulness practices for both adults and children in a variety of settings, including schools. Over time, her passion for movement-based therapies deepened, inspiring her to pursue advanced education and training in the field.

Mindy's therapeutic approach is anchored in the belief that the body and mind are intimately connected. Her approach is characterized by a relational and playful style, deeply rooted in the creative process. Mindy employs various techniques such as movement, sound, art, play, music, and imagination to support therapeutic growth.

As a therapist, Mindy firmly believes in the unique wisdom and resilience inherent in each individual. She sees her role as a collaborative guide on the healing journey. In her freetime, Mindy can be found running and hiking on the mountain trails near her home with her dog, Leonardo.

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