Guide for Choosing a Counselor

Take a few minutes to consider some guidelines for finding the right counselor for you. Not every  therapist is right for every individual, couple or family unit. It can be difficult to know where to begin when seeking a therapist or counselor that is right for you. We have created a quick guide to help find a therapist or counselor that is right for you or your family.

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Welcome to Cultivation Counseling of Northern Idaho

Cultivation Counseling provides counseling services in beautiful Coeur d’Alene, ID to children, adolescents, teens, young adults, adults, couples, and families. Our approach focuses on each human’s ability to grow, change, develop, and adapt. People visit our counseling practice to find solutions to the challenges they face in their life. Individuals may find that working with an objective listener may help them make the changes they seek. Counseling is tailored to meet the needs of each individual. The quantity and duration of sessions is agreed upon between each individual and their counselor.

Our Coeur d’Alene counseling practice offers treatment for Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, Autism Spectrum (Asperger’s Disorder), Mood Disorders, Thought Disorders, Relationship Issues, Health Issues, Work Related Issues and Transitional Issues.

Individual Counseling

What leads an individual to seek counseling? An awareness that something needs to be different. Perhaps a desire to stop feeling sad, depressed, worried, or angry has led you to seek counseling.We offer unique individual counseling service at our Coeur d’Alene office.Using a variety of approaches to counseling, and will tailor an approach to meet the needs of the individual. We offer flexible hours and a variety of scheduling options. We are also able to offer a Sliding Fee Scale to allow for affordability.

Couples Counseling

Has your relationship grown stale? Have you found that you and your partner have begun to struggle with communication? Do you want to improve your relationship and feel that an objective listener could help?Couples therapy through Cultivation Counseling can help. At Cultivation Counseling our couples therapy focuses on a growth model. Relationships grow and change over time, there are times in that growth period that need more tending and care than others.

Family Counseling

Our approach to family counseling generally includes one or multiple members of a family. Some examples, teens and parents working together with one of our therapist to compromise on an agreement and begin to build a road map for understanding and progress.Parents and children of all ages may engage in art, experiential activities, or constructive guided discussion to increase understanding and discover new ways of relating to each other. Sometimes adult members of a family participate in counseling to address and resolve relationship problems or work to recover from past hurt and resentment.

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Counseling Packages


Healthcare and insurance cost are rising. Cultivation Counseling and many healthcare providers are looking for creative ways to reduce cost and keep services available for uninsured individuals. We are proud to offer our counseling packages below at a reduction from our normal pricing.

Counseling Punch Cards


4 Session for the price of 3

$330 for 4 session punch card
(expires after 6 months)



Couples Concierge Counseling Package

A concierge service for couples looking to improve
or repair their relationship. The package includes:

Once Weekly couples counseling
12 Sessions for the price of 9
3 month commitment
1 Same day or next day emergency session

$300 per month for 3 months
(3 month commitment)


ADHD Support

The above listed items are some of the symptoms an individual with ADHD may experience. Counseling may benefit an individual struggling with ADHD to make significant changes in his or her live. Cultivation Counseling specializes in counseling services to individuals with ADHD and has seen individuals make significant improvements as children and adults. Read More ADHD

Relationship Counseling

Few events in our lives impact us more than our romantic relationships. Think about the feeling of first love. Few emotions can compare to this powerful experience. On the opposite side of that spectrum is the feeling of loss and abandonment associated with the end of a relationship. Often times individuals do not start, experience, or move on from past relationships in a way that is healthy and beneficial. At Cultivation Counseling the emphasis is always on growth. We work with our clients to help them experience relationships in a way that helps them feel love in the most beneficial manner possible.Read more Relationship Issues

Health Issues

Cultivation Counseling provides Coeur d’Alene Counseling services and Coeur d’Alene Life Coaching services that address a wide range of physical health concerns. The Cultivation Counseling philosophy on health issues, is that not all problems have to be chronic or life threatening to be addressed. Often times our “problems” or “growth areas” are more subtle. If you want to change your health, why not start today?Read More Health Support

Mood & Thought Disorder Counseling

Marked by changes in mood, depression and bipolar disorder (also known as manic depression) are both highly treatable, medical illnesses. Unfortunately, many people don’t get the help they need because of the misunderstanding surrounding the illnesses or the fear associated with stigma.
Read more Mood and Thought Disorders

Autism Spectrum Disorder (Asperger’s) (ASD)

Counseling may benefit an individual struggling with Asperger’s to make significant changes in his or her life. Cultivation Counseling specializes in counseling services to individuals with Asperger’s and has seen individuals make significant improvements as children and adults. Read more Asperger's Support

Career & Life Counseling

With Career & Life Counseling, we seek to help people objectively examine their lives, desires, interests, styles of communication, and their abilities to determine and enter the job or life style that best suits them. This type of counseling can be very helpful to those who have yet to have chosen a career, who are unhappy with the professional field they are in, or seek to make a significant change to their current life. We will explore the individual’s history and behaviors to help understand how they came to the place they are at today, what motivates them and they desire for their future. Read more Career and Life Counseling


At Cultivation Counseling, we not only look at what the leading research has shown for the best type of therapeutic treatments for depression, we also take a holistic look at the person themselves. Their behaviors, cognition, interpersonal relationships, goals for the future, how they get their emotional needs met, and their emotional intelligence of how they connect to the world around them. Read more Depression Counseling


Everyone on earth will feel anxious from time to time. Anxiety truly becomes a problem when it begins to interferes with our life, our completion of tasks and goals, our relationships, and our overall happiness and sense of fulfillment. Following are some statistics on the frequency of Anxiety in our the United States, and how it manifests in our bodies and lives. At Cultivation Counseling, we take a holistic approach to evaluating all the aspects of the individual’s life, and building up an environment and schedule to become aware of our anxieties, and overcome them. Read more Anxiety Support

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